Evernote Update Brings Speed And Simplicity To Design

Have you updated your Evernote app yet? The new and improved Evernote 8.0 was released on Tuesday. The note-taking app was updated to create a faster, more efficient user experience.

In case you weren’t aware, the company has been having a rough year. According to CNET, Evernote faced backlash to its new pricing structure in July. And there was also pushback to their new privacy policies last month. The company has since withdrawn the changes and created an action plan to address user concerns. The update can also be seen as a response to the backlash as Evernote states that their “design and engineering teams set out to re-imagine the Evernote experience from the ground up”.

The New Features

The new design for the app is focused on making it faster and more intuitive for users to operate. Chief product operator Erik Wrobel states that the goal of the update is to “spend less time navigating and more time getting stuff done”.

The new Evernote update does just that. Where the previous app had many options, users now go to the notebook immediately. New notes can be added quickly by tapping on a new plus button at the bottom of the screen.

The editing process for notes has also been simplified. Now there are only four editing buttons – to add photos, voice clips, drawing or other files. Users also have quick access to all of their other notebooks – just tap the top of the screen to see the rest of your content.

If you use the app for business and personal use, Evernote now has more separation between personal and business accounts. Plus, the new Evernote update features also add more fun and creativity to note taking. Evernote’s update also has new colours and font styles.

The New Interface

The Evernote update also includes a new minimalist interface that’s similar to the app’s web interface. There’s more white space instead of the green colour associated with the app.

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Story source: CNET, Engadget

Featured image source: Tech Times

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