The Blind Can Now See With This Futuristic Headset

Oh, Star Trek, you gave the world so much. Not only did Star Wars launch the careers of actors like William Shatner and Patrick Stewart, the iconic sci-fi series took us on a journey across the universe. In the comfort of our own home, we got to see the crew of the Enterprise battle all sorts of intergalactic evils and overcome the grandest of odds. But more than just being a source of entertainment, Star Trek made you think. All of the gadgets and futuristic…

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Help Your Child Learn To Draw With The FollowGrams Projector

Do you have a budding artist in your family? If yes, your first instinct may be to start investing in art classes, tracing paper, and how-to-draw books so your little one can hone his or her skills. That was the old school method for kids born in the ‘90s, like me, at least. But in 2017, learning how to draw is going digital. FollowGrams is taking drawing into the future with its smart projector. How Does It Work? This FollowGrams projector uses smartphone and Bluetooth…

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How Do Exoplanets Get So Big And So Hot?

Hot Jupiters are giant gas exoplanets that orbit around their host stars. Even though their names might suggest otherwise, they’re a lot bigger and hotter than Jupiter. According to a report from the University of Arecibo, 740 of the 3,442 exoplanets that exist are Hot Jupiters. These giant exoplanets are pretty interesting, and some of them are so big, they defy the theories of planetary formation. But, there’s new research tht shows that Hot Jupiters actually aren’t that big, they just expand over time. The…

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canon cameras

Three New Canon Cameras To Buy Before Your Next Vacation

Whether you’re going down south, on a European adventure, or skiing for the weekend, you’ll want to preserve your memories. Canon has tons of amazing digital cameras to help you do that. Get the best of the best image quality, functionality and battery life with one of these three new Canon cameras. EOS Rebel T6i With this Canon camera, you’ll get amazing, high-quality images that are super shareable. It also shoots high-resolution video and its sensor keeps everything looking crisp. Canon’s EOS Scene Analysis system…

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Three Of The Top Drones To Up Your Photography Game This January

Were you hoping to unwrap something in particular over the holidays? Or did someone gift you some money, and you’re still looking for the perfect thing to spend it on? Henry’s has a bunch of great things, but possibly the most exciting and buzzy products are drones. There’s one for every budget, all with tons of great features that you’ll love. Here are three options to gift yourself now that the holidays are over. DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone With an intuitive flight system, built-in…

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Star Wars-Style Hologram Messages Are Nearly A Reality

Anyone who is anyone remembers the iconic beginning to the Star Wars series, where a certain hologram propels the epic narrative forward. “Help me Obi Wan Kanobi, you’re my only hope” implores Princess Leia, her entire figure and facial expressions visible thanks to the futuristic holographic device her desperate message is recorded on. A scene which has gained even more weight thanks to the recent Rogue One film, Leia’s message is impressive not only for narrative reasons. The message is a vision into our own…

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Google recently revealed how many publishers of fake news it removed from its site.

Google And Facebook Fight Back Against Fake News

By now, you’ve likely heard U.S. President Donald Trump warn us of the perils of “fake news.” Perhaps you’ve even fallen victim to fake news, too. Social media makes it easier than ever to be lured in by a scintillating headline, only to find its ensuing report to be inaccurate. In the aftermath of Trump’s victory, many discovered that “fake news” — or deliberately spreading falsehoods presented under the guise of news — was a lucrative enterprise. Some publishers even reported making thousands of dollars off of advertisements that…

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Make Your Magazines Digital With Texture

Readers everywhere know how hard it can be to travel with your reading material. Sometimes, there’s just not enough room in our everyday bags to bring the magazine we’re reading with us. Or if we do, it gets crushed and ripped in our bag with everything else. If you love reading more than one title, it can make your bag too heavy and bulky to carry around. For those magazine lovers out there, the Texture app is the ideal solution. How Does Texture Work? Texture…

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Users of WhatsApp could be seeing a lot this ads on the service in future.

European Proposal Cracks Down On Personalized Ads

Tired of seeing ads every time you log into social media? If you count yourself as someone who sees ads as incredibly annoying, you’re in luck. Good news could be on the horizons for ad-haters who use certain messaging apps. This month, the European Union executive presented a proposal that will crack down on how WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail can track their users. The proposal stipulates that these companies must actually ensure that their users’ conversations will stay confidential. In addition, they will have to request…

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Start 2017 With A Mirrorless Camera From Canon

Welcome to 2017! Every New Year brings the feeling of a fresh start where we look to drop old habits and start new ones. While resolutions typically apply to our lifestyle habits, they can also apply to our hobbies and skills. For example, if you’re a photographer, start 2017 by learning how to take pictures with a different type of camera. If you’ve been using a traditional DSLR, take the New Year to test out new, mirrorless DSLR options like the Canon EOS M5. What…

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